Stamford Travels: An Unexpected Christmas Visit

Surprise Christmas Trip to Stamford

Today was supposed to be a normal day off from work. I planned to write up some blog posts, look for Christmas presents online and give most of my attention to my needy cat. But things took a little bit of a change last night when my dad messaged me asking if I wanted to join him on a little day trip.

He’d mentioned visiting Stamford last night but it had to be organised alongside his work schedule so I wasn’t sure if I could go. But it seems that Wednesday 5th December is going to be that day.

Stamford is the type of place that reminds me of both York and Stratford Upon Avon. Each building is made up of yellow bricks with cobblestone alleyways and quaint, cosy cafes. The Christmas lights were simple yet classy and most of the shops had trees and lights in their window displays. It was lovely to walk around and see.

Photo of outside of cafe decorated for christmas

Crepes and Nutella

We stopped in a small cafe after arriving at Stamford for a snack and a drink. Hot chocolate is at the top of my list so I made sure to have marshmallows and cream too. Alongside a warming drink, my dad and I ordered crepes, a lemon and sugar for my dad and a Nutella and strawberries for me. I have to admit that I’ve never had fruit in a pancake before but after having strawberries on it for the first time, I can totally understand why people do it. It adds a mixture of sweet and a tanginess to the pancake that make it’s a delight to munch on. Plus, who doesn’t love strawberries with chocolate?

Photo of building with bow christmas light

A Little Christmas Shopping

We wandered around the streets afterwards, stopping in little shops owned by small local businesses and filled with a mixture of crafts, interior designs and flowers that helped provide an artistic feel to the entire town. Seeing the mixture of patterns, designs and colours in the windows really added a brightness to the streets and helped the day seem a little less gloomy considering it rained nearly the entire time we were there. There were quite a few shops that I wandered into where everything I saw, I imagined having in my own house. I can’t help but plan my dream house interior even if I don’t actually have the house yet. I already know what my future house will look like at Christmas.

Photo of decorated christmas tree inside shop window

How gorgeous does this tree look?!

Photo of wreathes in shop window

A small trip was made to The White Company and I was able to get a little gift for my mom as well as help my dad find a few Christmas presents. Although I do know most of my Christmas presents from my dad as I picked them out, it was still nice to go around and choose what I really like. Their candles smell delightful especially the Winter candle and it smells of Christmas with the fruity scent of orange and the spicy scent of cinnamon mixed together. It was a present my dad did end up getting me but I know I’ll be using it a lot and I’ll continuously love the smell. And at least through picking out some of my presents, I know I’ll use them and they won’t go to waste.

More Hot Chocolate

We continued to wander the streets, wet from the rain and looking for another cafe to stop off for another warming drink. My dad suggested a place he’d been to before (I can’t remember the name) and we stopped for a coffee and tea. It was nice to be out of the rain for half an hour and to be able to warm our chilly feet. Plus, I had the chance to wipe the droplets of water from my glasses. Sometimes, wearing glasses in the rainy weather can be very annoying. Do wipers exist for glasses? I’d very much like some if they do.

Photo of buildings along river

Anyway, for a day trip to Stamford, it was certainly worth the travelling time especially to see it with all the Christmas lights and to be able to get a few Christmas presents. Plus, I got to eat a crepe (they are a big favourite of mine!) and I got to experience somewhere new. It’s nice to get out of the house and away from home sometimes especially if it means exploring and discovering a new place that I can keep in my memories forever. And I got to go exploring with my dad which is something I love to do with him. We are travelling buddies or at least I think we are?!

P.S. 20 days until Christmas!!

P.S.S. Here’s the link to Day 3’s Blogmas post!

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